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Statement of intent

Abortion411: Why?

Two reasons.
1) Specifically, to address the communities abortioninfo and the deceptively titled pregnancychoice. These communities are run by uncaring, mean spirited women WITH AN AGENDA. Don't be fooled by the pretty words on the user infos......don't be decieved. Look into the communities and words of the women who run these communities. The biggest glaring issue is that they make no bones about how militantly pro-choice they are. They are, in fact, extremists. Look at their communities, and then look INTO the communities. Look at the things they feel comfortable saying about people. They actively and maliciously attack and harass anyone who dares identify as pro-life.
Think about it......they have such issues, how can they be unbiased, and their user info says? It's just not possible and they cannot admit that.
Also, how can we promote equality for women if we automatically discount a certain women just because we don't like one thing they think? If you go to their community when you are considering abortion, as the community info says it's there for, how on earth can you feel safe considering keeping the baby, seeing what you'll have to deal with if you dare to say anything other than the extremist pro-choice mantras?

I want people to feel safe talking about abortion. And I honestly want REAL and TRUTHFUL information put out there.

2) In general, it's a good idea. But, quite honestly, the communities that the militants have created scare me. They run every single abortion community on LJ practically and having only one voice cannot be healthy. There should be as much information out there as we can get. We already have a HUGE pro-choice bias on LJ........lets try to mellow it out a bit.

I would like to create a community for discussion on safer sex, the issues the surround abortion, and the "after" issues of pregnancy, wether you abort or keep it. I would like to invite you in if you've had an abortion, if your friend had an abortion, if you kept a child, adopted out a child, or just are sexually active and want to talk about your "what ifs".

I am pro-life, in theory, mainly because I cannot stand for what militant pro-choicers stand for. I believe that, right now, abortion is a necessary evil, that we need to work to reduce it, and that the way to do that is through adressing the great social problems that contribute to it. I had an abortion when I was 17, I then had another unplanned pregnancy at 22, while I was in the middle of college, and spent the next several years working my ass through college, with my daughter, as a single parent on welfare. I am now married, have my degree, and have another child that I planned. While I was single, I volunteered at a crisis pregnancy center and was a volunteer doula and caseworker and held many hands through births AND abortions. I'm politically liberal/Democrat and most people in *real* life don't know I'm pro-life. :)

I look forward to growing this community. If you know of women who might be interested, send them our way. If you know of women who've been lied to by ANY community on LJ about this issue, tell them we're here.

This community will NOT be for debate and we will NOT allow extremists views of any kind. This is meant to be a safe space for discussion and exchange of information, not a debate platform for your views or a fighting ground for your personal grudges.

I currently am seeking a pro-choice mod. katiedarling is our "middle ground" mod. All moderation will issues will be discussed between at least two of the mods before any action is taken.

Thanks.......lets get information out there!
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